Survey and Mapping

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Survey and Mapping

About The Course


The Survey and mapping (cartographic survey) course giving trainees the proficiency in using various methods, tools and equipment in accurately and easily extracting geo-data and using such data to produce plot plans.  Survey and mapping course involves collection of data from site inputting those data into digital tools and software to accurately position and determine the physical extent of a piece of lant. The tools, equipment and software for this course include, GPS, Total Station,


What Will You Learn?

In this comprehensive course, you'll:

Learn the basics of land surveying techniques and equipment.

Explore Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for data analysis and visualization.

Master the art of creating accurate maps and geospatial representations.

Understand remote sensing technologies for aerial data collection.

Dive into real-world projects to apply your surveying and mapping knowledge.

By the end of the course, you'll be equipped to interpret geographical data and create informative maps that inform decision-making.

The Course Curriculam

Introduction to Surveying and Mapping
Understanding the importance of surveying and mapping Exploring the history and evolution of surveying techniques Introduction to different types of surveys: land, topographic, cadastral, etc.

Geospatial Data and Coordinate Systems
Understanding geospatial data and its applications Introduction to coordinate systems: geographic, projected, and vertical Conversion between different coordinate systems

Surveying Equipment and Techniques
Exploring modern surveying instruments: Total Stations, GPS, LiDAR Understanding leveling techniques and their applications Field data collection methods and best practices

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Introduction to GIS and its role in mapping and analysis Understanding spatial data types and formats Creating and managing geospatial databases

Remote Sensing and Aerial Photography
Exploring remote sensing technologies: satellite imagery, aerial photography Image interpretation and analysis for mapping Application of remote sensing in environmental monitoring and land management



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    5 years ago
    Great course. Well structured, paced and I feel far more confident using this software now then I did back in school when I was learning. And the guy doing the voice over really is great at what he does. I will probably do the course again and look at what other courses this instructor provides. Great quality and well worth the cost.
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    5 years ago
    Every section has been well discussed in the course. It\'s definitely easy to understand. But I hope all activities sent was reviewed because, for some, it\'s still a basis for improvement. Overall, it\'s a course worth to recommend!!!